This Week in Hypixel Skyblock – January 16 – January 22

Welcome to this week’s Hypixel Skyblock news! This week was definitely a quiet one for Hypixel Skyblock, at least on the main server. This edition of This Week in Hypixel Skyblock covers important events that happened from January 16 – January 22!

Events That Occurred This Week

Bug Fix (January 18)

There had been a bug for a couple weeks now but only very few were affected by it. Essentially the content within peoples profiles were so large, when they loaded into some servers such as the Crimson Aisle, the server could not render all the content and it would be buggy and would have unplayable conditions. Refraction had experienced this bug and only could start playing again on the Crimson Aisle on the January 18.

Dupe Glitches

There are currently many methods to dupe that abuses the GUI system, therefore, expect the auction house to be closed. There is a video of the dupe in action on YouTube. While I do not encourage you to use it, you can view the videos here and here.



That’s it for this week’s Hypixel Skyblock updates and happenings! Tune in next week for more news related to Hypixel Skyblock.

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