Easy Ways to Make Money Passively- Hypixel Skyblock

Hypixel Skyblock has many ways to grind out coins. Whether that be farming, mining, dungeons, and other tasks that require you to be there. In this article, I’ll be showing you money-making methods that don’t require grinding or to be logged in for a lot of time.

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Bazaar Flipping

To bazaar flip, you have to set up a buy order for any item. The lower you set it, the better. However, the lower the price you choose raises the chance that the order will not fulfill. You have a couple options once your order fills: you can set a sell offer for a higher price immediately, or you could hold onto them and hope they go higher than now and make enormous profits. The last time I did that was with gemstones. The majority of those got wiped, unfortunately.

Skyblock gemstones before wipe

Another way to use the bazaar is to set up buy orders for materials to craft an item. When I did this, I bought materials for multiple Aspect of the Voids, and I would make around 2,000,000-5,000,000 coins profit per Aspect of the Void. The craft price of an aspect of the void was about 12,000,000-15,000,000 coins, and I sold them upwards of 23,000,000 coins. I also did this with terminators and hyperions. Those would make more than 30,000,000 coins each. Even though these sold for more profit each time, they don’t sell as often as Aspect of the Voids. The market for these is very competitive and constantly fluctuating, and you may not even sell these for much profit, considering the risk you put your coins at. I recommend setting up those buy orders the night before, then checking on them the next day. This is my favorite money making method. I have done this for a long time and it’s the most consistent one that has worked for me.


Another great way to earn money without grinding is through investing in items. You should buy tons of items that are going to be used in the next update. The demand for that item would increase, making the sell price of the item also increase. This is a risky strategy, however, because the item may not actually be useful in the next update. Even worse, it may become even easier to obtain that item in the next update, making your investment worthless!

Some ideas for scenarios to invest in are:

  • You could also buy items during an event and sell them after, like sugar rush. You can buy sugar rush books when the spooky festival is here and sell them a couple days after the spooky festival to make some easy profit.
  • I bought legendary level 100 Griffin pets after mythological event ended, and sell them again just before the mythological event starts again. I would make upwards of 15,000,000 coins per pet. Due to players at the end of the event not needing their gear anymore, they would sell it for a low price since the gear is useless outside the mythological event.

Although investing can make a lot of money, it also requires patience, because you have to wait for prices to rise. That can be anywhere from a couple hours to a few months. Despite the riskier investments making more, I would not recommend putting money into something if you can not afford to lose it.

Another investment you could make is the bank itself. By keeping money in the bank, you will receive interest depending on your bank level and the amount you have in the bank. If you upgrade the bank, the interest will eventually pay itself off and start making you more money than not upgrading the bank!


Minions are one of the best ways to generate money passively, since they are working all day and night. Currently, the best tier 11 minions to have down are slime and tarantula minions. A tier 11 slime minion generates 150,000 coins every 24 hours, and a tier 11 tarantula minion generates 160,000 coins every 24 hours. They generate this much without even using fuel! The wiki contains a minion profit table that updates constantly to keep up with the changing market. The wiki allows you to add fuel to the calculation to see how much additional money that will make. The link to the calculator is here.

Slime and Tarantula Minions

Dwarven Mines

The Dwarven Mines is a great place to earn money while you are offline. You can make decent money using the forge. What I tend to forge is refined titanium. When I did this, I made around 500,000 coins with refined titanium every 12 hours using my 5 forge slots. Despite 500,000 coins not sounding like a big amount, that adds up over time. If you do this every day for one month, that’s 15,000,000 free coins. Who doesn’t want 15,000,000 coins for free? I am sure there are other items that make more money, such as beacons and drills, but refined titanium doesn’t need as much math to calculate the material cost. You need to check the bazaar or auction house to see how much profit you would be making with each item, since markets change due to new updates and metas.


These are 4 methods you can use passively that can make you some extra money. Try to incorporate these methods into your Skyblock routine to boost your daily income!

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