Garden Nerf – Hypixel Skyblock

The average Hypixel Skyblock player knows the admins love to inconvenience players. On Monday, they did it again with the Garden.

What Happened?

The admins decided to disable teleport pads and jump pads from the Garden because “farming is too simple”, said in a discussion by Donipireso. As a replacement, they added a teleport command ( /tptoplot [plotname], /plotteleport [name] ). This actually inconveniences players as they have to type out a command now instead of just walking into a teleporter. Many people find farming boring so they have Netflix, YouTube, or other sources of entertainment while they farm in a semi AFK fashion. However, this update affects the average player more than someone who uses a script to automatically farm for you. 

I think the admins’ main target of this update were actually people who use scripts. Though, cheaters will always find another way to macro to get around this small inconvenience for them. One simple solution to this would be to hotkey each plot. You can do this if you have Badlion or Lunar client, otherwise you would need to install a mod such as autotext. The guide is linked here.

Fundamentals of The Farm

You need to use the /setspawn command at the start of your farm looking in a certain spot, screenshot from JackTheGuy’s video containing the angle below. At the end of each row you need to fall into the void to respawn at the beginning. It uses water to push you into the next row, which is a work around to the teleporter spawning you at the next row. The farm requires 5 pets: Ammonite, Elephant, Rabbit, Armadillo, and Ocelot. They all need to be level 100 except Ammonite. You need these pets because they grant speed. The Ammonite needs to be legendary, the rest can be common. The reason you need the other pets to be level 100 is because as they level up, they gain speed. The Ammonite needs to be legendary as it has a unique legendary perk that grants speed.

Specifications for f11


So, if you don’t really mind about your death count, I would recommend this farm for you to use if you want to earn some money while paying little to no attention. If you are interested in making money while offline, I would suggest checking out this other article here.

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