Extremely Lucky Summons FEH

July’s mythic hero banner was released, and it had some heroes that I want to summon for. Since I am a fan of Fire Emblem: Three Houses and Fire Emblem: Three Hopes, I wanted to summon for Arval, and Ingrid. I recently summoned on the remix banner for B! Chrom, therefore I was low on orbs. Luckily, I hadn’t played in the past 2 years, so I haven’t farmed up the orbs from the mythic hero special maps.


My summoning strategy is to summon for both gray and blue orbs. If there are none, then I will go for either red or green, since I don’t have either of the focus heroes.





At this point I got Arval but not Ingrid. So, I will save up orbs from daily logins, Hall of Forms, quests, and tactic drills to continue summoning for Ingrid.




The results start from Effie. Please note that I did merge Freyr, Arval, and Nurbuz.



Freyr Summons 4

Freyr Summons 6


After I spent 174 orbs in 40 summons here are the 5-stars I got.

  • 2x Freyr
  • 2x Arval
  • 3x Nurbuz
  • 1x Fell Tiki
  • 1x R! Ingrid (Spark)

That’s a 5-star every 19.33 orbs or 4.44 summons.


On the Hero Fest tickets I was able to get LF! Byleth which I am really happy about. I was going to save orbs up to summon for her, but I will not need to do that anymore.

LF! Byleth Summon


I’m extremely pleased with these results. I got who I was looking for, and I got mythic heroes for my Aether Raid defense. My goal now is to save orbs for CYL! and that new banner with Fire Emblem: Three Houses characters is right around the corner.

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