10 Free Tickets, Who Did I Get? – FEH

FEH summer is here, we got 10 tickets that guarantee a seasonal 5-star by playing 10 special maps. In this article, I will tell you who I got from my tickets.

My summoning strategy is to go for gray, and green after watching this . If there are none then I will go for either red or blue.


Here are the 5-stars I got.

  • 1x Winter Laevatein
  • 1x Winter Fae
  • 1x Summer Gaius
  • 1x New Year Azura
  • 1x Bride Fjorm
  • 1x Inigo
  • 1x New Year Lethe
  • 1x Nils
  • 1x Shigure
  • 1x Bride Ninian
  • 1x Winter Hrid



Overall, I am not happy nor unhappy with these results. I got some new dancers who I didn’t have before, but also got some heroes that I will probably never use, like Summer Gaius. Since it is 5x SP, I should probably level up all my heroes since there is no better opportunity then this.

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