Who did I get with my 10 free guaranteed 4-star special hero tickets?

This is pretty new in FEH. We get 10 tickets to summon a completely random seasonal 5-star unit from the earlier eras of the game.

Here is an image of all of the possible heroes summonable from this banner. It is made by u/PresidentEvil1337.

r/FireEmblemHeroes - All possible units from 4*SHSR tickets

It’s very similar to the free arena ticket summons where you are presented with a summoning circle, and you can choose one of the units that are presented. You might not get the color that you’re looking for. And since there are so many different units you can get, you aren’t guaranteed to get the unit you want.

For me, I wanted to summon on green, since I wanted to get Summer Tiki, for Axe Valor. I’m currently missing two valor skills: Axe Valor and Beast Valor. Also missing colorless tome valor, but that isn’t available yet.


Summoning Results

Here’s how my summons went. The first unit I got during this session was LA!Lilina.


I did get lucky during this session and got at least one green stone in each of the 10 summoning circles.

Here is the list of all the heroes I got:

  • LA!Lilina x2
  • W!Chrom
  • PA!Azura
  • HS!Xander x2
  • HS!Hinoka
  • W!Fae
  • P!Felicia
  • V!Greil

Overall, an okay summoning session. Got two duplicates, which isn’t ideal, but most of these units were new for me. Greil and Azura were units I had previously. So, a total of 6 new units from this session, which is pretty decent.


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