The best way to earn tickets for the year 300 raffle – Hypixel Skyblock

With Hypixel Skyblock reaching 300 in-game years (1,500 real-life days), the Admins have decided to do something special.

By just being on Hypixel Skyblock, you earn raffle tickets that give you a chance to earn huge prizes during the Skyblock Year 300 (5 real-life days). Some of the top prizes from the raffle include Necron’s Handles, Divan’s Alloys, and Warden Hearts!

The event is already underway. You can find more information in the Patch notes.

Prize Pools

After joining a team, each time you earn a ticket, it’s automatically entered into all three of the prize pools. You can join a team by speaking to the NPC in the hub standing in front of the Community center.

Speed Raffle

Every 2 hours, prizes are distributed from this pool. The prizes change each time, so it’s not giving out Giant’s Swords every 2 hours. I’ve already entered 4 of these, but have earned nothing each time. The consolation prize for not winning anything is 25k coins.


This was one of the speed raffle prizes early on from the Hypixel Alpha testing server. As you can see, the prize distribution definitely seems different.


Daily Raffle

Every day, prizes are given out. Here’s what is currently being given out once per day.


The Big One

At the end of the event, these are the prizes that will be given out. There is a huge amount of prizes given out for this one, and also a huge amount of tickets being entered. The majority of players will end up walking away earning nothing.


What is the fastest way to earn tickets?

The most important thing to know is that there are two types of tickets that can be earned: Active Player tickets, and Playtime tickets. In regards to the ticket pools, they are practically identical. You earn Playtime tickets just being logged into Skyblock – even AFK. You can get an Active Player ticket at a 1% chance each time you gain Skill XP, or at a 100% rate every time you gain bits. After earning one of these tickets, you cannot earn another one of the same type for 20 minutes. This means, at the fastest rate, you earn 2 tickets every 20 minutes, or 6 tickets per hour.


What is the best way to earn raffle tickets?

You can earn raffle tickets by being completely AFK on your private island with a booster cookie buff active. Make sure you have bits available to be earned.

Booster cookies give you bits, even if you’re AFK! And, booster cookies prevent you from getting kicked while being AFK on your private island.

Since you’re AFKing on your private island, make sure to have the correct pet out to boost your minion output. You’re on your island anyways so might as well.

There’s no need to run to your computer every 20 minutes just to break 100 sugarcane or so.

There is one thing that you need to watch out for, and that’s game updates and lobby resets. Whenever there’s a game update, or whenever your private island server decides it needs to restart, you will get kicked off your private island and moved to the Hub. After a few minutes of being AFK in the Hub, you’ll be moved to Limbo. You don’t earn any tickets in Limbo, so you’ll need to make sure that you check up on yourself to make sure that your private island didn’t reset.

As you can see, booster cookie prices skyrocketed

If you have any that you bought a long time ago, now’s a good time to sell.


I bought these a while back just to invest in, and here we are. Free money!


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