Another Unlucky Summoning Session! FEH

A couple weeks ago, the L! banner was released. It showcased L!F! Alear, who was not my main priority. If you have read about any of my previous summons, you would know I am a Fire Emblem: Three Hopes fan. Therefore, I was planning to summon for Loving Matriarch: Rhea.

LF! Alear

My summoning strategy was to summon gray orbs. If there are none, I’ll summon green orbs first, then blue orbs, and red orbs last. If I can’t get Rhea, then Tana would also be good, and If I can’t get any of the gray heroes, L!F! Alear, or L! Robin would also be good.


This summoning session was worse than my last one, which I didn’t think was possible. I spent around 150 orbs in 33 summons, and the only 5-star I got was L!F! Alear. That was actually disappointing, this has got to be the worst summoning session I have ever had.

The sessions starts from 4-star Lisa, and ends at 4-star Kiriagi







I am pretty disappointed with this sessions. I didn’t think I would get unlucky on another L! banner back to back. Hopefully the next month’s L! banner will go better for me. My goal now is to save orbs for the next L! banner.


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