Who Did I Get From 10 4-Star Special Tickets – FEH

The 1,000 Heroes Celebration is here! You can get 10 Free 4-star special arena tickets by completing quests. In this article, I will be going over who I got from my 10 Arena Tickets.

My summoning strategy was to summon for red stones because I wanted M! or F! Byleth for ruptured sky for my F! Chrom. If there are no red stones, then I would go gray or green.


Here are the 5-stars I got from the 10 tickets

  • 1x Tibarn
  • 1x Alm
  • 2x F! Byleth
  • 2x Kyria
  • 1x Flayn
  • 1x Hubert
  • 1x Owain
  • 1x Lyn

1,000 Hero Special Results

I am very happy with these results. I got 3 heroes from Fire Emblem: Three Houses, and I got 2 F! Byleth’s. Now I can fodder 1 to my F! Chrom, and have 1 for collection.

+10 F! Chrom

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