Winning Nothing From The Raffle – Hypixel Skyblock

Recently, the Skyblock year 300 raffle event ended. If you are unfamiliar with the raffle event, I would recommend checking out this article here: The best way to earn tickets for the year 300 raffle. In this article, I will be showing you guys everything I got from the event from two accounts.

From the event, I was hoping to get a space helmet, or something else that is worth a lot of money.


I averaged 10 tickets from AFK every speed raffle.

Average Ticket

On 1 of the accounts, I participated in 63 raffles and got

  • 7x Salmon Hats
  • 6x Rainbow Book Bundles
  • 4x Uncommon Party Hats
  • 4x Fruit Bowls
  • 3x Cake Counters
  • 2x Purple Jerry Boxes
  • 1x Flying Pig
  • 1x Aspect of the Jerry

On the other account, in 63 raffles I got

  • 3x Salmon Hats
  • 5x Rainbow Book Bundles
  • 2x Uncommon Party Hat
  • 2x Fruit Bowls
  • 3x Cake counters
  • 8x Purple Jerry Boxes
  • 2x Flying Pig
  • 1x Aspect of the Jerry

Big One Prize

Big One Prize

I was pretty disappointed with this result, because if we sold everything we got, we would make around 6,000,000 coins. At least I made money off of buying booster cookies before they went up.

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