Legendary Elincia Summons – Fire Emblem: Heroes

Recently, I summoned on the Legendary Elincia Banner.

I’ve had a few summoning sessions recently where I got no 5-star units up until the spark. This would include the Invitation to Tea banner and also Plumeria’s remix banner. Hopefully this one turns out better.

I started out with 216 orbs. My goal is one copy of Elincia. Hopefully I can get one in less than 50 orbs so that I can start saving for A Hero Rises next year. As I need to start saving, I only pulled red orbs. If there was no red orbs, then I’ll go coloress since I don’t have Fallen Maria, and she’s a really good support unit.


Summoning time!

A couple summons in and I already got a 4-star special. Luckily, I get at least one focus unit: Fallen Chrom about 11 summons in. I got Saber, another 4-star special on the next summon.

legendary-elincia-banner-summons-1-sirknightj legendary-elincia-banner-summons-2-sirknightj legendary-elincia-banner-summons-3-sirknightj

I had to do a lot of color-sniping this time around. I got tons of circles with only one red orb. After not getting anyone for the next 20ish summons, and at a pity rate of 9.5%, I finally got my next unit: Legendary Hinoka.


Nearing the end of the summoning session, I got so two 5-star heroes back-to-back. Here’s what that looked like:

legendary-elincia-banner-summons-5-sirknightj legendary-elincia-banner-summons-6-sirknightj

On the last circle, even though I hit 40 summons, I still decided to go with the other two red orbs. This way, if one of them is Legendary Elincia, I can spark Fallen Maria. Turned out to be another Legendary Hinoka, so I’ll take it.

legendary-elincia-banner-summons-7-sirknightj legendary-elincia-banner-summons-8-sirknightj

I was wondering whether I should pull the colorless orb for a chance at Fallen Maria. I did it and instantly regretted it.



And that marks the end of my summoning session. In total, I spent 196 orbs for 43 heroes. Thus, I spent about 4.56 orbs per hero.


Let’s take a look at my barracks after the session:

legendary-elincia-banner-results-1-sirknightj legendary-elincia-banner-results-2-sirknightjlegendary-elincia-banner-results-3-sirknightj

I ended up getting seven 5-star units (excluding the Spark). I must’ve forgotten to take a screenshot of my barracks immediately since I see 42 units instead of 43. I must’ve accidentally turned someone into a manual. Anyways, this makes it an average of one 5-star unit every 6.14 heroes, or one 5-star unit every 28 orbs, which is very good.

I’m very pleased with this summoning session. Hopefully yours went great as well. Thanks for reading!

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