Favorite Advanced War Normal Campaign Missions – Advanced Wars Reboot Camp

I recently finished the Advanced Wars Reboot Camp normal campaigns. I thought the game was really fun. However, the second campaign was way more fun and interesting compared to the first. In this article I will be going over my favorite missions from the 2nd campaign in Reboot Camp.

A Mirror Darkly


This mission in my opinion was really fun because I loved just sniping all of lashes tanks with my rockets, and lash not being able to attack me back. It wasn’t too hard, but also took some brain power making sure lash didn’t get to your HQ. Definitely one of my favorite missions.

Adder Arrives

Grit V Adder

This was also another really fun mission to play for the same reason. Sniping all of adders tanks behind mountains was fun. Except he had mechs, which was kind of annoying to deal with, but there were missiles I could use. So it evened out.

Sea Fortress

Sea Fortress

Another favorite mission of mine was Eagle vs Hawke. I enjoyed playing this mission because I was destroying all of Hawke’s battle copters with my fighters and he couldn’t hit me. However, this took more brain power since I had to pay attention to his fighters, missiles, and cannons. So, I couldn’t be reckless and just rush in like my usual play style. This mission took me longer than I thought it would because I accidentally let Hawke kill a couple of my battle copters with his fighters and missiles.

I will be writing another article about my new favorite missions from the advanced campaign once I finished. Thanks for reading this article!

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