Mythic Banner Summons – FEH

The new mythic banner and new hero Veyle is out. On this banner, there is Felix and F! Shez, who I want to summon for. I have some orbs saved up and decided to spend them to try and get them.

Veyle Banner

My summoning strategy is to pick red orbs since I like Felix better than F! Shez. If there are no reds, then I’ll pick blue, then either of the other two.


In 17 summons, I got two 5-stars, which I’m kind of happy about compared to my previous summoning sessions where I have been unlucky. I got Diamant and Shannan. Although I originally didn’t want Diamant, he’s still a really good sword unit which I will take.

I got a 5-star every 8.5 summons which is way better compared to my last one where it was 1 in 33 summons. You can see that in the article Legendary Banner Summons – FEH.


Session starts from M! Corrin and ends at Palla.

Overall I’m happy with this session, because of who I got and the number of summons I got them in. I have failed my goal in trying to save orbs because I spent a lot of orbs on the duo banner. I will to keep my orbs since I have not been playing FEH too much recently, so there is not a reason for me to be summoning.

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