Ranking Every Co Theme From Best to Worst – Advanced Wars Reboot Camp

One of my favorite parts about Advanced Wars Reboot Camp, is the Co themes. In this article I will be ranking every Co theme from best to worst from the 2nd campaign from Reboot Camp.


Drake’s theme is single handedly my favorite theme of all time. I love the trumpets and drums in his theme. They make his theme so melodious and catchy. Something else that is definitely worth noting is the xylophones. Back in the day I would only play Drake because of his theme. His Co power theme, although, isn’t that good in my opinion, since his regular theme is so good, I would expect something way cooler.



Grit’s theme is also pretty good. My favorite part about his theme is just the melody. The beginning reminds me of the wild west, which I like. I like the guitar and the drums, although I think the drum pattern is kind of basic. I prefer Grit’s regular theme over the Co power theme because I don’t really feel the vibe with the electric guitar.


Colin’s theme is another great theme. His theme reminds me of like a fun time, or like troll music. If you were having a good time with your friends joking around. This is the music I would expect to play in the background. I like the overall vibe of the music rather than a specific instrument.


Andy’s theme is an original. I like the changes they made to it, I like it better than the original. His Co power theme is one of the best, it might be my favorite. The guitar and the vibe have to be my favorite, the theme brings back old memories when I used to play on the gameboy.


Nell’s theme is also another good theme, its pretty epic. I like the melody, I think its pretty catchy and overall sounds pretty good. The electric guitar has to be my favorite part of her theme. The theme also flows very well which I like.


Sami’s theme reminds me of Nell’s. I think it has to do with the electric guitar and similar vibes. The guitar is my favorite part of her theme, especially at the beginning of her theme. Her Co power theme isn’t that good in my opinion. Like Drake’s theme, I expected more of a epic theme.


Sensei’s theme is a unique one in my opinion. The sax, is really the star of the theme. Its really groovy and that’s what I like about the theme. His Co power theme is way better than his regular theme. It’s way more groovy and cool. The sax and drum combo is my favorite part about it.


Sonja’s theme is also another unique theme. The theme is pretty peaceful compared to orange star Co themes, because there is no heavy metal guitar. I like the clarinet in her theme. Her theme is pretty memorable and is a great theme to listen to.


Lash is my favorite Co theme from the Black Hole Co’s. Her theme reminds me if you were at a party. My favorite part of her theme is the melody and the drum kick.


Max unfortunately is my least favorite from the Orange Star Co’s. The melody is not my favorite, it seems to repetitive to me. One thing I do like about his theme is the shakers.


Kanbei is an original, however his theme isn’t too special. It reminds me of a festival and the samurai dynasty. It sounds like something you would hear during imperial Japan. I like the background people going “Hah” like they just threw a punch.


Sturm’s theme sounds chaotic which I like. The theme itself gives off dread vibes and you feel like something bad is coming. I think the theme fits perfectly with him.


Eagles theme got way better compared to before. It still however, isn’t that good in my opinion. The melody could be more catchy and less repetitive. All that really changes is the octave of the notes, the music sounds too similar through the theme.


Her theme in my opinion is the worst of the Green Earth Co’s. I don’t really like the vibe of the music. However, her Co power does make up for her regular theme, it sounds way better. The title of her Co theme fits as it really feels like the music is going into overdrive/turbo charge.


I’ve looked at other peoples review of themes and other people really like Olaf’s theme. I don’t really like his theme, the melody to me sounds horrible. The one thing I do like is the choir they added that does sound good.


Hachi’s theme is calm, but I don’t really like the ukulele. The theme reminds me like you are on a tropical island relaxing under the shade which I like.


Adder music was good at first, but then I got tired of it. I got forgot to capture the property with the lab against adder with Sonja so I had to play that mission all over again which was annoying. That is why I think his theme is annoying.


I don’t really like the theme itself from Hawke. It sounds like its foreshadowing trouble or like its boss music which might be its intention. Although I can see why people might like it, the guitar is on point.


In Flak’s theme, I feel like there is too much bass which I don’t like. It also is very heavy on the metal side which I also do not like, to a point where it becomes unenjoyable in my opinion. Flak is the worst Co theme in the 2nd campaign from reboot camp.


Drake’s theme is the best and Flak’s is the worst. I am almost done with the 2nd advanced campaign. Once I finish I will let you know my favorite maps from the campaign. Thanks for reading and check back within a week to see my new favorite maps!


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