Some More Felix Summons – FEH

Almost two weeks ago, I summoned on the Veyle Mythic Banner and I got Diamante. However, I didn’t get the Felix, the hero who I actually wanted. I have some more orbs, so I’m going to try summon for him again.


My summoning strategy was to pull red orbs, then blue orbs. If there were no red or blue, I would randomly choose a color.


After 11 more summons, I got Felix! I got two 5-stars in 11 summons, which is a 5-star every 5.5 summons. The 5-stars I got were Felix and F! Celica. Now I got Felix I don’t need to summon anymore on this banner.

Now altogether, my rate is a 5-star every 7 summons, since I got four 5-stars in 28 summons.

Summoning session starts from 4-star Seth.



I am very happy with these results. Saving orbs isn’t really working for me since I just end up feeling spontaneous or impulsive and end up summoning. A strategy I’m going to test is not collecting the gifts and just leaving them with the owl.

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