Saving Orbs – FEH

It’s been a week since I spent all my orbs. Right now, I’m trying my hardest to save orbs, in this article I will be going over how many orbs I saved and where I got those orbs from.



The first way I have been saving orbs is by playing the story. I got 20 orbs from the main story and 12 from the paralogues (including the challenges for them). To not get tempted to spend them I try and not complete the challenges right away.



There were a couple events that I got orbs from.

One was tempest trials. Since it was out for a while, I didn’t get too many orbs from this. I got around 10 orbs from it. This one it’s harder because you don’t want to get behind on tempest trials and spend hours on the last day to complete it.

Another way was grand conquest. That one I had to play daily, so I was tempted everyday to spend the orbs I got. I didn’t get too many orbs from that one.

The bound hero battle also got me a lot of orbs. For that, I waited until the last day to do it and all the challenges so I wasn’t tempted all the time seeing the orb count.

Since I missed a lot of the legendary hero battles in the past, I haven’t completed a couple of those. I completed them now and I got around 20 orbs that.

Forging bonds recently started up, so I have been getting a couple orbs from there so far. There are still a lot more days for that so I still can get a lot more orbs from that.

Daily login

The daily login bonus from the tempest trials and the new heroes bonus from the past 2 new heroes have been giving me a lot orbs. The daily login is carrying my orb balance.

Overall, there were a some events that gave me more orbs than others, but all the little things add up. I am going to try and keep a journal to track my orb count so I can keep myself accountable on saving orbs.

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