Can I finish +10 Askr? – L!Camilla Summons – Fire Emblem: Heroes

It’s that time of year again! I’ve started saving orbs for the 2024 A Hero Rises event, which happens at the end of March. I’ve currently saved up 710 orbs.


However, I did notice that Askr has appeared on this banner. I have him at +8, and if I can two copies of him, I can finally have my first +10 mythic unit. I am able to consistently hit tier 39 in Aether raids already with my +8 Askr, but it would be nice to have him at +10 so then I can use him in the Arena as well.

How many orbs should it take me to get two copies of Askr?

According to the summoning statistics calculator, the median orbs needed to get two copies of Askr is 333. That’s quite a big chunk out of the 710 orbs that I have saved up, but I figure having a +10 Mythic unit will be worth it. I’ve been trying for so long to get lots of Askr’s, most memorably was when I spent a ton of orbs on Arval’s debut banner, but ended up getting 5 Arvals and 0 Askr’s. Let’s hope this isn’t a repeat of that.


I wanted to get Legendary Camilla as she seemed pretty strong, and also get two copies of Askr. That’s my goal for this, so I’ll pick Green orbs and Colorless orbs. This will increase the orb cost, as the calculator assume I am sniping colorless orbs, but it should be fine since I am feeling lucky today.

It’s summoning time!

We started off strong by not getting any focus units for the first 20 summons.


On the 22nd summon, I got a Brave Soren. And I got another one on the 31st summon. This isn’t looking good for me.

sirknightj_legendary_camilla_3 sirknightj_legendary_camilla_4

On the 35th summon, I got Ranulf, another 4-star special unit. And that’s how my summoning session went for the first 40 summons. The screenshot of 534 orbs is after the 41st summon, as there were multiple stones in the last batch.

sirknightj_legendary_camilla_5 sirknightj_legendary_camilla_6

I’m already 176 orbs down and got 0 of my target units, so I figured I might as well keep going. Normally, I would have stopped, but I didn’t want to wait another 6 months for Askr to appear on the next legendary banner. This is a huge chunk of my A Hero Rises savings, so the chance of me +10’ing all the units present on it will be reduced.

Past 40 Summons

Here are the summons after 40. you can see my orb count diminishing with all of the circles filled with 3 and 4-star units. I finally got a Medeus though, which was nice.


After getting the Medeus, my barracks was full so I needed to empty it. Here was the result before I throw out all of the 3 and 4-star units. This summoning session started with Matthew and Luthier. In total, I have summoned 51 units, and spent 220 orbs. I have gotten six 5-star units (three 5-star focuses, and three 4-star special). This makes the overall 5-star rate 73.33 orbs per focus 5-star, or 36.67 orbs per 5-star.


After emptying out my barracks, I continued summoning. I got an Innes and Jafar (more 4-star special units) while my orb count was above 400.


Next, I got another Brave Soren just as I reached 400 orbs remaining. Now, Brave Soren is a pretty good unit, however you pretty much only need 1 of him, since he’s a support unit. For me, having him at +10 doesn’t accomplish that much, since he doesn’t score that well in the Colosseum game modes.


A few more orbs later, I got two more Sorens. I think the game is trying to tell me something. Note that I still haven’t gotten any Askr’s or Camillas yet. I’m currently sitting at 4 Sorens and 1 Medeus from this session so far.


Finally! I got my first Askr this many orbs in, next to another Soren. Thanks game.


I also finally got a Legendary Camilla, which I’m pretty excited about. I decided to end the session there, as I’ve spent way more than 333 orbs. I still need 1 more copy of Askr though, which I plan on using my Google Opinion Rewards money on.

sirknightj_legendary_camilla_17 sirknightj_legendary_camilla_end


Here are the results of who I got after I made more room in my barracks. The results start with Gaius and Innes.


In total, I summoned 80 heroes (51 + 29), and my orb balance went from 710 → 361, which means I spent 349 orbs in total.

For the focus 5-stars got 5 Sorens, 1 Medeus, 1 Askr, and 1 Legendary Camilla. For the non-focus 5-stars, I got Leanne, Surtr, Ranulf, Innes, and Jaffar. This makes a total of thirteen 5-star units, eight of which are focus units.

This means my average 5-star cost is 26.85 orbs per, and my average focus 5-star 43.63 orbs, which is just below the approximate average of 41.5 orbs per focus 5-star sniping green and colorless orbs.

Overall, this was an okay summoning session. It could have been worse, but I would have much preferred to get Legendary Camilla and two Askrs in under 40 orbs. At least with all the extra Brave Sorens, I will have plenty of Magical Null Follow-Up fodder, Time’s Pulse 4, and Flare fodder, which is pretty decent.

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