The Minion Setup That Made Me 1.4 Billion Coins – Hypixel Skyblock

In my recent video, I collected 1.4 billion coins from my melon minions, after leaving them for about a year and a half. In this article, I will share with you what my minion setup looks like!


What minions did we use?

Previous to this, we used fishing minions. However, since my co-op partner sirknightj and I have already hit fishing 50, we decided to switch them out for melon minions, as they are the minions that earn the most amount of farming experience. sirknightj is already farming 60, but I am not, so the experience will be wasted on his account.

Obtaining the minions

Our island has 29 minion slots.

On August 8, 2022, sirknightj bought 29 tier 12 melon minions from Adi_man after agreeing to a price of 5m coins each. Normally, our co-op would have crafted the minions ourselves, but the way Hypixel designed the way to obtain tier 12 melon minions was just too annoying for us. Adi_man told us that it took him about 40 minutes on average to obtain enough pelts to craft a single tier 12 melon minion.

Mithril infusions make the minion work 10% faster. Since we planned to have these down for a long time, we decided it was worth it to apply the infusions.

What minion upgrades did we use?

Now when it came time to put the minion upgrades into the minions, we ran into a decision we needed to make. With our fishing minions, we used flycatchers. However, with melon minions, if you used flycatchers, you would earn significantly less money. Note that sirknightj and I are both mining 60 so the mining experience does not matter to us.

We ended up deciding to use diamond spreading and super compactors as our two minion upgrades.

What fuel did we use?

We used Plasma Buckets, as we invested in those a long time ago when we were using fishing minions.

Anything else?

For our chests, we used XXL chests for our minions. We also made sure our minion arrangement let all of the minions fit within the farming crystal’s radius.

While collecting the minions, we made sure to have the rabbit pet equipped and had pets equipped with pet exp shares for maximum experience gain. We also AFK’d on the island with the rabbit pet during the winter raffle events. Neither of us won anything notable, though.

Selling the goods

Selling the minion drops was actually quite annoying. Each of us were only able to sell 200m coins worth of melons and diamonds to the shop before we hit the maximum daily sell limit. This is probably due to all of the people using bugs and glitches to duplicate money. Anyways, it took us 4 days to fully sell the items. The reason we didn’t sell all the items on the Bazaar is because of two reasons. First, you have to pay tax. Second, it sells for less. That is because a common money-making method is to set up a buy order for the items just below the selling price to the NPC, so you can sell it to the NPCs for a profit. I actually used to do this with enchanted diamond blocks and certain enchanted fishes.

Is it worth it?

Considering I spent less than 1.4 billion coins on the investment, I would say so.

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