My Orb Count Just Keeps Climbing Entry #8 – FEH

Another week, many more orbs to get. Over the past week, I got 45 orbs. In this article, I will be going over how I got those orbs.



Book 8 chapter 3 recently came out, so I got 15 orbs from that. I think part 5 of the chapter was pretty interesting. I will be anticipating the next chapter, the story has me interested.


Daily Log-In

From the daily log-in, I got 7 orbs. I’m excited to get some more daily log-in bonuses when the new heroes banner comes out.


Seer’s Snare returned this week. I got 4 orbs from it so far.

Forging Bonds came out last week, but I haven’t played it everyday. So, I only got 10 orbs, and still can get 4 more.

I got 1 orb from the weekly Rival Domains.

I forgot to play the arena last week. I was an hour too late and it already closed, so I missed out on 4 orbs.


I got 9 orbs from the quests this week, 5 from the new chapter, and 4 other random ones.

I hope to keep this progress up with saving my orbs. Hopefully Veyle is on the Mythic banner that will come out at the end of the month, so I can summon for her.

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