How I got 64 orbs in 4 days ENTRY #9 – FEH

It has been 4 days, and I have gotten 64 more orbs. The amount of orbs available each week is crazy. In this article, I will share how I got 64 orbs in the past 4 days.


Daily Log-In

In the past 4 days, I got 18 orbs from the Daily Log-in bonus. There was a special Log-in which gave 5 orbs earlier which is so good.



I got 1 orb from Rival Domains on Saturday.

Tempest Trials started up a couple days ago, and I got my score up to 20,182. So I got 18 from the rewards.


I just finished completing forging bonds, so I got 6 more orbs from that.

From Seer’s Snare, I got 8 more orbs from it.


Nabata’s Shield paralogue came out a couple days ago, and I completed all 3 difficulties. So I got 9 orbs from that.


I got 4 orbs from the challenges, 3 from paralogue challenge and 1 other random one.

My goal for the end of the month now is to reach 300 orbs, post summoning for Veyle, but I might have to dip below that if I do not get her.

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