Was it worth spending 350 orbs? – FEH

Last week I had spent almost all my orbs summoning for Emblem Marth, Mythic Lumera, and Mythic Veyle. In this article I will be going over if I think it was worth summoning for them.

E! Marth

After using the heroes I summoned for, I believe it was worth it to spend all my orbs that I saved up over 2 months to get. Here are my reasons why.

Auto Battle

I now use mostly Mythic Veyle and Mythic Lumera in my auto battle teams. I didn’t really have a strong blue mage or dragon on my team before them. Before, in tempest trials, I wasn’t usually able to auto battle without having to go to a second team. Now, I can since I can with these new heroes, especially Lumera, since she buffs my other heroes with her divine veins.


In terms of battling in general, using them has made playing the game so much easier. Now with the divine veins from Lumera, my Fallen Byleth can take out people she struggled against before like Winter Dimitri. Mythic Veyle also has been useful, against some heroes like Winter Byleth. Before, I really struggled with beating Winter Byleth in 1 round. Now, I can use Mythic Veyle and she can defeat them easily. Using Emblem Marth’s engage feature is also nice. I engaged with Mythic Lumera, so her special Glacies, activates quicker.

Emblem Marth


I can say I have them now. I enjoyed playing through Fire Emblem Engage, and they were some of my favorite heroes in that game. Obviously, a goal in the game is to collect every single hero, and I am now closer, yet I am still very far away from collecting them all.

Looking at the possible candidates for A-Hero-Rises banner, I would like the color to be green. That way, I only have to pull green to get the focus heroes. I don’t really mind who is on it, but I would like Winter Dimitri to be on it at least, so I can get a good axe hero.

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