Who did I get on my free Special Hero Summon?

It’s that time of year again. We get one random seasonal unit released within this past year. Very good for someone like me who’s been skipping a lot of the more recent banners as I save for the A Hero Rises event.


Which units can we get?

Thanks to u/Luis_lara12345 in this Reddit post, we have a chart showing which units are available for summoning.

r/FireEmblemHeroes - Free Special Hero (Year7) divided by Rarity

How does the summoning work?

For this special summon, the game will present you with a regular summoning circle, except only the above heroes are in the pool. That means, it is possible to get none of a certain orb color, or all four of your orbs are one color.

To be on the safe side, before entering the summoning circle, I would recommend preparing your backup color to choose, in case the primary color doesn’t appear.

Here are the total possibilities:

  • Red orb: 64% chance of 5*, 36% chance of 4*. 29% chance of duo or harmonic.
  • Blue orb: 77% chance of 5*, 23% chance of 4*. 23% chance of duo.
  • Green orb: 86% chance of 5*, 14% chance of 4*. 14% chance of harmonic.
  • Colorless orb: 82% chance of 5*, 18% chance of 4*. 36% chance of duo or harmonic.

For the vast majority of players, we do not want the 4* seasonal, only the 5-star one, and probably the duo or harmonic ones as those are generally much stronger than the other 5-star units. This makes red the riskiest color to choose, as there is a decent chance that you could get a 4*.

Who did I choose?

My plan was to go for blue, then green if no blues. My reasoning for this is because I didn’t have any of the units there. For reference, here is a list of the heroes I do have grouped by color:

  • Red: Harmonic Linde, Duo Ayra, Summer Fjorm
  • Blue: None
  • Green: None
  • Colorless: Duo Elise, Duo Ymir

As you can see from the above, I don’t actually have a lot of seasonal units. My main focus this year has gone into Legendary or Mythic banners, so I skipped on most of the seasonal banners.

My reasoning for placing blue first, then green, is because of the A Hero Rises 2024 event. I saw the interim results and it looks like Green would most likely win. I went with blue on this to avoid getting a duplicate. I also wanted to get Winter Edelgard and Duo Seidr much more than Harmonic Karla, Duo Anna, and Wind Tribe Claude.

Here are the Interim results, for reference:

r/FireEmblemHeroes - A Hero Rises 2024 Interim results

Who did I end up getting?

Time to summon!

Luckily, I got exactly one blue orb, so I didn’t need to choose between two and wonder what the other one was.

Here’s who I got:

sirknightj-special-summon-2024-seidr sirknightj-special-summon-2024-result

I was so happy when I got Duo Seidr. Out of all the previous years’ random A Hero Rises events, this one is my best pull yet.

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