Why TenZ is Popping Off in VCT

In Sentinels’ matches during VCT a couple of weeks ago, TenZ has been playing very well. Ever since the new roster change, TenZ has moved off the main duelist role and swapped to more of a support role. He tends to play either Omen or Kayo now, who are more support characters. In this article, I will be going over why TenZ is playing very well on these agents.


Why Duelist Doesn’t Fit Him

While TenZ has played well before on the duelist role, he tends to lack a certain trait most duelists nowadays have: explosiveness. Explosiveness matters especially when it comes to getting onto site. Explosiveness is just what it sounds like: exploding onto site. The current duelist on Sentinels, Zekken, demonstrates this very well. He always double satchels in or dashes in aggressively where TenZ wouldn’t do the same thing.

TenZ on Omen

Something unique about TenZ on duelist during Sentinels’ VCT run is that he has a 22% entry rate. That is 12% higher than the average controller player. This means he takes a lot of first fights. That is unusual since duelists are supposed to be taking first fights. However, TenZ is getting a lot of impact by doing this, since he is getting a lot of kills.


TenZ is also a really good team player. He uses his utility to help his team a lot, which actually gets him a lot of impact, because his team can play off his utility so they can get kills. If you want to see specific cases of this instance, I would check out this article here: Why TenZ was the MVP for Sentinels against Loud.

Overall, TenZ’s switch to more of a support role helped Sentinels return to one of the best teams in North America. TenZ is able to support his team well but also is able to get a bunch of kills. It also seems he is more comfortable in this role since he is obviously playing better than he was previously. This is why he has been popping off recently, and will hopefully continue to do so.



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