TenZ has an Outstanding Performance

Sentinels took down Karmine Corp 2-0 in Madrid and qualified for playoffs. TenZ, the star of the team, had the most kills and the fewest deaths. In this article, I will be going over TenZ’s performance in this match.



TenZ played extremely well today. He only played Omen, which is the agent he is very comfortable with. TenZ’s playstyle on Omen is very unique, as he likes to make aggressive plays with his teleport ability. Let’s take a look at an example from his match.

TenZ agressive play

In one round, TenZ flashed mound outside C and aggressively teleported on top of boxes to try and get a good angle on the enemies pushed up. This was a risky move, as he could easily be punished if someone swung out C main and shot him while he was teleporting. However, that wasn’t the case, and he was able to get 2 kills easily, giving Sentinels an advantage for that round.

TenZ aggressive playt

A couple of seconds later, he teleported onto the site to take space and take fights for his team. He teleported on top of boxes and jumped onto the site, instantly being spotted by KC N4RRATE. KC N4RRATE tried to punish TenZ but ended up missing a bunch of shots and was killed by TenZ.

This play by TenZ secured the round for Sentinels. KC was down 1-5, then they got 3 rounds in a row on Sentinels, bringing the match to 4-5. This round was very important because it broke KC’s momentum.

This was just one of TenZ’s many plays that ultimately brought Sentinels the win against KC. TenZ makes decisive plays that win rounds for Sentinels. Former player for NRG, FiNESSE, defends TenZ’s aggressive plays, saying that people will only get mad at his plays if they don’t work, but aggressive plays are necessary to build momentum and win rounds. This shows that other pro players recognize his skill and respect him for that. If Sentinels go on to win Masters Madrid, they definitely have to thank TenZ for his impressive performances throughout the tour.

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