Premier is Much Harder than Ranked

Earlier today, my friends and I played premier. For some reason, we cannot win premier, but we can win many ranked games. In this article, I will be going over why that is the case.


Reasons Why

Premier is harder than ranked for a couple reasons.

It is 5 stack vs 5 stack, so the other team will be way more coordinated. Also, the people playing together tend to be friends, so they will be having a lot of fun. Usually, when people have a lot of fun, they often play well. Also, the vibes are more chill, since they know each other and won’t be getting too mad at each other.

The scene is way more competitive. Premier is just a more competitive version of ranked but for 5 stacks only. In ranked, not everyone queues at the same time, and sometimes you don’t get put in lobbies that are your skill level. In premier, they still base your initial premier division off your ranks, however, the people do not play like their rank. People in bronze or silver are actual demons at this game. They will one shot you if you jiggle peak or jump peak.

Also for some reason, people take premier more seriously, and will not do dumb plays. A lot of people play time instead of pushing the last enemy alive. Although, you may still encounter someone doing something dumb, but sometimes dumb things work.

This is why I think premier is harder than ranked.

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