PRX Jing Returns to Valorant!

PRX Jing is a well-known Raze player in the Valorant community. He is known for his crazy entries and overall unique playstyle. In this article, I will be going over what that means for Valorant Esports.

Jing is Back

Jing no longer has to serve in the military in Singapore due to a health condition that he has been dealing with for a while. Although much about his condition isn’t public information, everybody is glad that he is back.

What does this mean for PRX

With Jing’s return, Monyet has moved from an active player to a sub, with Jing taking his spot. Despite this being saddening for Monyet, this has allowed him to establish his presence in the competitive scene. Monyet had struggled to replace Jing’s role in the past year that he played for PRX. Jing easily would entry and create space for his team, while Monyet struggled to do that on Raze. Jing was more explosive compared to Monyet.

PRX Roster

With Jing back, we can expect to see a more aggressive playstyle for PRX, since Jing was known for his “W Key” playstyle, which is just running in even in very risky scenarios.

What does this mean for the community

Although it is disheartening to see Monyet becoming a sub, the community is excited to see Jing’s return. Zellsis from Sentinels says that “PRX is going to be a whole different beast with Jing coming back.” There are high expectations for Jing as he returns to Valorant. Will he meet them? The only thing we can do is wait and see when he plays in a few weeks.

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