I Reached Diamond 3 – Valorant

About a month ago, I had reached diamond 3 after being stuck in diamond 1 and 2 for a while. However, following that month, I had been playing pretty bad and just kept losing and failing to play consistent. I’ve been winning a lot more recently, and have been playing better over all. Yesterday, I reached diamond 3 again! In this article, I will be going over what I changed to win more and play better.


What Changed?

One thing that I changed up was my sensitivity. Before when I was playing pretty bad, like going double or even triple negative, my sensitivity was 0.18 on 800 DPI. I wanted to play on high sensitivity because I like to flick around, and being able to do cool movement and tricks like pro Valorant players. However, I was unable to control my sensitivity and ended up shaking a lot and over flicking. I decided to return to the sensitivity that I used to originally hit immortal. Now I currently play on 0.09 800 DPI which I find a lot easier to control. One thing I don’t like about this sensitivity is that 1 swipe across my mouse pad can only turn about 90 degrees, so I’m pretty much dead if someone shoots me in the back.


Something else that I changed is the agents I play. I have a lot more confidence on duelist agents rather than support. One reason is that I feel like I can get more impact on these agents. Also, when I play these agents, I feel like I can win any duel so I swing out and take a lot more fights and play more risky. It’s been working recently and I hope it will continue to work.

These are the changes I made in my playstyle, which seems to be working out right now. Hopefully these things will continue to work out. I am on Spring break next week and I hope to reach ascendent during the break.

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