Summoning on AHR 2024

A Hero Rises 2024 banner came out a while ago. I decided to summon on it using all the orbs that I saved up. In this article, I will be going over who I got and if I’m happy with the results.


My summoning strategy is obviously to only go for green orbs. If there are no green orbs, then I will go for any of the other ones by randomly selecting. I would like to get all the heroes, but I like Dimitri the most.


I’m pretty happy with the number of 5-stars I got. Something I didn’t like at first was how I wasn’t getting any green orbs. So I don’t think my orb spending was cost-efficient.



I got 8 5-stars in 57 summons (including the spark). Here are the 5-stars I got:

  • 4x Dimitri
  • 1x Claude
  • 1x Alear
  • 1x Gustav
  • 1x Ced


I am pretty happy with these results because I got a lot of Dimitri’s. This makes me happy because I know people who did not get as many Dimitri’s as me and spent thousands of orbs. I got a 5-star every 7.125 summons which I think is pretty good.

Right now, I am not too motivated to play this game anymore. A reason for this is because I started playing Valorant again and I find the game extremely fun. I will probably not be summoning too much anymore and will probably just be saving up a ton of orbs until a banner piques my interest.

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