Why I Stopped Using Raw Accel

I recently tried using raw accel in Valorant. I am a peak immortal player who is currently diamond 3. In this article, I will be going over why I stopped using raw accel.

raw accel2

The Reason Why

Although I started a couple weeks ago, I already stopped. I thought it had been a good idea because I play on a low sens, playing with mouse acceleration would make sense. Boy was I wrong, I started playing horribly and thought maybe it was just because I started using it. However, over the past week with hours of playing, nothing got better.


I decided that if I wanted to go back to how I used to play, I should probably start playing like it. So I switched back to my old sensitivity which was 0.1 800 DPI. Then I would just play whoever I want and just stop filling.

I played some games recently after I switched and I played better than I previously did.

new games

I believe this is a new era for me, I think I’m going to hit ascendent 3 by the end of this act.


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