Our Second Season of Premier

Premier started again last week in Valorant. This time, we are in west coast servers so we will have lower ping than last time. In this article, I will be going over how that went for my team.

Premier Season 2

How It Went

Unfortunately we lost both games. However, we were pretty close to winning one of them, the score was 9-13.

Premier Games

There are a couple reasons we didn’t win those games.

Substitute Players

We had 2 substitute players, Abominathan and Kict. They subbed in for LimpChimpGaming and I hate her. Which left me to fill in smokes again which I don’t enjoy too much. However, with Clove, I can play aggressively since their kit is built for that. The two sub players don’t have too much team work with the rest of the team since we usually play together a lot.

Other Reasons

BananaBrigade was feeling sick, so he wasn’t playing too well either. He said he had a bad headache and felt like vomiting, so we can give him a pass there.

The other team’s composition was just better than ours. They had double controllers and a Cypher which is better than 1 smoke and 2 duelists in my opinion. I also don’t think Chamber is such a good pick on this map, unless you are really good with his kit.

I don’t think we will be changing up team composition though because we play mainly for fun, so we will keep that. I think as we play more, we will all get better and win more games.

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