The Best Way to Hold an Angle

Holding angles is an essential mechanic in Valorant. Most low ranked players don’t know how to properly hold angles. This tip will surely help you rank up quickly.


How to Hold an Angle

The first thing you are going to need to know, is headshot level. If you are using any other gun than a sniper, or a machine gun, you will need to know headshot level. Headshot level is universal everywhere, given that they aren’t using any abilities or crouching. Headshot level will always be around the top of the boxes, since the head is an oval, you have a little wiggle room in where you aim.



Next, you are going to want to know your reaction time. If you have a really fast reaction time, I would recommend holding angles tighter, however, if you don’t I would recommend holding a wilder angle.

If the enemy is shift walking, or you got a fast reaction time I would hold the angle like this.

Tight Angle

If you’re holding a wider angle, so if they were running or you got a slow reaction time this is how I would hold it.

Wide angle

Another tip I would give about holding angles is that if you miss the first few bullets, if you can, get back behind cover to reset. If you can’t get behind cover, then do not spray, but stop shooting and reset your aim while strafing.

This is how to hold a basic angle. I

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