1,200 orbs on 2024 A Hero Rises – Fire Emblem: Heroes

It’s that time of year again! The best banner of the year. Time to summon!

My expectations for this summoning session

According to Fehology’s video, the average player should expect to receive 43 focus 5-stars in 1,000 orbs, mentioning that it’s “almost a certainty that you’ll get 2 +10’s”. Since I’m spending more than 1,000 orbs, I hope to +10 all of them.


During the previous all-green A Hero Rises event, I was on the unlucky side, getting 40 total 5-stars (including 4-star-special heroes and spark) in 1,300 orbs. The expected rates for that banner were about 29 orbs per focus 5-star unit. If you haven’t seen that video though, I received 28 focus 5-star units (29 including the single spark). I hope to be able to get luckier this time around.

Using the summoning statistics calculator

Using the summoning statistics simulator, the 50th percentile of players are able to get one of the focus units in under 33 orbs, which is great.


Calculating the number of copies needed to summon, 50% of players are able to obtain 10 copies of one of the units in 1,162 orbs. Note that you only need 10 because the Spark will give you the 11th. Also note that you only need 9 Peonies since she’s given out for free. You also only need 9 Dimitri’s since you can get one from the Divine Codes 5.


Summoning Time

You can see the full summoning session here:

Total 5-stars units

I received many 5-stars units. These include focus 5-stars, non-focus 5-stars, and 4-star-special heroes.

Full list below:

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  1. A!Peony
  2. WT!Claude
  3. Nagi (4* special)
  4. F!Lilith
  5. A!Peony
  6. A!Peony
  7. Asbel (4* special)
  8. A!Fjorm
  9. WT!Claude
  10. Gatekeeper (4* special)
  11. L!Alear (F)
  12. WT!Claude (Spark)
  13. Rennac
  14. Yarne (4* special)
  15. A!Peony
  16. WT!Claude
  17. A!Peony (Spark)
  18. W!Dimitri
  19. A!Peony
  20. WT!Claude
  21. Minerva (4* special)
  22. Anette (4* special)
  23. WT!Claude
  24. A!Peony
  25. W!Dimitri (Spark)
  26. Monica
  27. WT!Claude
  28. Alear
  29. Asbel (4* special)
  30. Julia (4* special)
  31. L!Alear (F) (Spark)
  32. A!Ced
  33. L!Alear (F)
  34. Severa
  35. A!Peony (F)
  36. WT!Claude
  37. L!Alear (F)
  38. Nagi (4* special)
  39. A!Peony
  40. WT!Claude
  41. WT!Claude
  42. Brave Soren
  43. A!Peony
  44. A!Peony
  45. Ylgr (4* special)
  46. WT!Claude

To summarize, I received:

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  • 10x 4-star special
  • 7x non-focus 5-star
  • 25x focus 5-star
  • 4x spark
  • Total: 46 5-star units of varying quality

Focus 5-star units breakdown

Here is the count of focus 5-star units I received:

  • 10x Peony (11 including spark)
  • 1x Dimitri (2 including spark)
  • 10x Claude (11 including spark)
  • 4x Alear (5 including spark)

During this session, I got 25 focus 5-star units in 1,192 orbs. That averages out to 47.8 orbs per focus 5-star.

If we do the orbs per 5-star excluding 4-star specials, then I received 32 of them in 1,200 orbs. This comes out to 37.5 orbs per 5-star.

If we include all 5-stars including the 4-star specials, then I received 42 in 1,200 orbs, which comes out to 28.6 orbs per 5-star.

Comparing my stats to other FEH YouTubers’ AHR Summons

Looking at other FEHTubers’ AHR summoning sessions, I’ll calculate their rates so we can see how lucky I was comparatively. I will exclude the sparks and only consider focus 5-stars obtained.

FEH-tuber Orbs spent Focus 5* (excl. spark) Orbs per focus 5*
Fehology 470 11 42.73
The0blivionknight 571 14 40.78
Rocketgal 1049 27 38.85
me (this year) 1192 25 47.68
me (2 years ago) 1311 28 46.82

The chart above puts into perspective how my summons were compared to the other FEHTubers. During this summoning session, I unfortunately performed worse than the others.

Because I spent a large amount of orbs, it sets back my account’s progress compared to everyone else. If my account was luckier, I could have spent some more orbs in other places.

I’m still waiting for a time when I drop over 1,000 orbs on a banner and get (significantly) better-than-average pulls.

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