10 Million an Hour Money Making Method – Hypixel Skyblock

Do you want to get rich quick in Hypixel Skyblock? In this article, I’ll share an OP money-making method for early game players, capable of earning up to 10 million coins per hour.

Your bank

Items Required

You’ll need Moby’s Shears for maximum efficiency. You can buy Moby’s Shears from the auction house for 500k coins, or get it from Moby by giving him 5x Full Chum Buckets and 15x Glowing Mushrooms. In case if you’ve never visited Moby before, here is a quick video showing you how to find him.

Moby Shears

Actual Method

For this method, you want to go around farming Glowing Mushrooms around Moby’s hut using Shears mentioned above. You can tell if a mushroom is a Glowing Mushroom if it has particles around it. A mod that will make the difference more obvious is SoopyV2. If you want to check out SoopyV2, check out his website. The end goal of farming Glowing Mushrooms is to buy Chumming Talismans.

Note that the reason you want Moby’s Shears is because it doubles the Glowing Mushroom drop from 1 to 2, and farming fortune does not affect Glowing Mushroom drops


After you feel like you are done with farming, you want to go back to Moby and buy Chum Buckets. Then you would want to buy Chum from the Bazaar to fill the Chum Buckets. After you finish buying Chum, you want to fill the buckets up with it. Once you are finally finished filling up the Chum Buckets, go back to Moby and buy Chumming Talismans and sell them on the Auction House. With this method you can make upwards of 10 million an hour depending on how efficient you are.

Empty Chum Buckets


If you are in the early-game stage, I would definitely recommend this. If you want to make money passively while doing this, I would recommend checking out this other article: Easy Ways to Make Money Passively – Hypixel Skyblock.

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