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I finished playing Tears of the Kingdom a couple weeks ago and started playing Breath of The Wild right after. I know it’s kind of weird playing the older one after the new one, but I really liked Tears of The Kingdom so much that I wanted to play Breath of The Wild which I heard was similar to Tears of the Kingdom. In this article, I will be comparing my experience playing Breath of The wild so far to Tears of the Kingdom.

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The map of Breath of The Wild is the exact same compared to Tears of The Kingdom. I can understand why the developers wouldn’t want to recreate another map since the world is so big.

In both of the games, I think Link’s design is kind of ugly. I don’t really like it and think he looked better in previous designs. I think Breath of The Wild Zelda looks better than Tears of The Kingdom Zelda.





Although I have not finished Breath of The Wild, I liked Tears of The Kingdom gameplay a lot better than Breath of The Wild.

In Tears of The Kingdom, I feel like the puzzles are more intuitive. I can solve those more quickly than the ones in Breath of The Wild. I like that, rather than sitting in a shrine for 20 minutes trying to figure out what to do. Shrines are also more common in Tears of The Kingdom. In Breath of The Wild, I just finished pulling out the master sword. It took me a while to find a lot of shrines since I had 9 hearts when I got there. It took me a long time to find more shrines since I picked stamina vessels compared to hearts.

Another reason I like Tears of The Kingdom better is because of the runes on the pad. While the explosives are nice, in Tears of The Kingdom, the fire sage is basically a bomb that can break rocks. I also like the ultrahand better compared to the magnet in Breath of The Wild because you can rotate items, and it doesn’t only work on magnetic items. The fusing is also very nice in Tears of The Kingdom, since that does not exist in Breath of The Wild.




The towers are also nicer in Tears of The Kingdom since they launch you up in the sky, instead of you jumping off. One thing I do like in Breath of The Wild about the towers is that you don’t need to solve any puzzles to activate them.

In Breath of The Wild, I actually do like the champion abilities better than the sage abilities. Especially the ability from the Zora domain. In Breath of The Wild, the Zora champion revives you once if you die and goes on cooldown. I like this a lot better than Tears of The Kingdom where Sidon abilities is just a water shield. The one thing I don’t like though, is the cooldown on all the champions abilities. You get to use each ability 3 times in a row then it goes on cooldown for a while.


Although I like one more than the other, I still enjoy playing both of them. I definitely would recommend playing both, however, I would say Tears of The Kingdom is better. If I could change anything, it would definitely be the order in which I played the games. I would have played Breath of The Wild first and then play Tears of The Kingdom. One reason being I wouldn’t have been bummed out on the abilities and the gameplay so much, and actually would enjoy it much more.

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