I got 62 Orbs In One Week Entry #10 – FEH

Over the past week, there had been a lot of opportunities to farm orbs, and I was able to get 62 orbs. In this article, I will be going over how I got all my orbs this week.


Daily Log-In Bonus

The daily log-in has given so many orbs, I got 21 orbs from it. Although all of them ended today for me, there is the FEH anniversary coming up tomorrow so we will get a new log-in bonus and quests.



From Tempest Trials, I got 24 more orbs since I completed the whole thing. I usually end up auto battling on the last day due to procrastination and not playing it everyday.

From Sneers Snare I got 5 orbs.

I got 3 orbs from Hall of Forms since I only played it today.

Rival Domains as usual gave me 1 orb.


I got 8 orbs from the quests this week, 6 of those were from the bound hero battle quests.

Off Topic

Recently, the fallen heroes revival banner came out. I was able to get F! Byleth on my first summon. So now she is at +4.


I also got A! Fjorm, this is my 3rd far savior unit, however she is useful to counter people with ranged attacks that prevent counter attacks.


I am ready to summon on the new Marth and Lumera banner coming out tomorrow. I might spend a lot of my orbs to get most of the characters from Engage since I finished playing through that a month ago.

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