Emblem Marth Summons – FEH

FEH just introduced emblems into the game. Obviously inspired from Fire Emblem Engage, they introduced Emblem Marth. I think emblems bring an interesting change to the game, obviously making certain heroes more powerful. I wanted to summon for him and other heroes on the banner. In this article, I will be going over how many orbs I spent and who I got using the orbs I have saved up over the last couple months.

E! Marth and M! Lumera banner

Summoning Strategy

The 3 heroes I wanted from this banner is Emblem Marth, M! Lumera, and Veyle. Therefore, I would pick red and blue orbs, then I would pick any of the other two since I don’t have any of those heroes.


I got everyone that I wanted! I am really happy that I got them all. Here is a list of the 5-stars I got.

  • 1x A! Fir
  • 1x Hinoka
  • 1x Plumeria
  • 1x Lethe
  • 1x Linde
  • 1x Y! Tiki
  • 1x M! Lumera
  • 1x F! Mareeta
  • 1x E! Marth
  • 1x Veyle
  • 1x Leif


R!Plumera and Hinoka


E! Marth

Veyle and Leif

Summoning Log

Here is my obtained history, summoning session starts from 4-star Reinhardt, and ends at Leif.






I am very happy with the amount of 5-stars I got, this is way better than I thought it would have went. However, I was disappointed with the amount of orbs I had to spent to get them all. I would have preferred to spend like 150 less than I did to get all the heroes I wanted.

I spent 349 orbs in 80 summons. That is 31.7 orbs or 7.3 summons per five-star. This luck has been way better than previous sessions.

Now it is time to save up my orbs again until A Hero Rises banner comes out in March.

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