The Best Operator Skin in Valorant

If you ever play Jett or Chamber, you’ve probably used the Operator. The Night Market is here, so you might as well buy some skins. If you have any of these Operator skins, you should buy them so you can stop begging for drops.



My favorite Operator skin in the game has to be Reaver. One of my favorite pro players and streamers, Sen TenZ, uses this Operator, which is another reason to get it. This is one of the cheaper Operator skins as well, at 1775 credits.

reaver operator


The next best skin, in my opinion, is the Forsaken Operator. I think the skin has a really clean design. The gold and white variant is my favorite. My favorite thing about this skin is the sound it makes when you shoot and get a kill. The sounds are so satisfying. It is also priced the same as the Reaver Operator at 1775 credits.

Forsaken Operator


Another great Operator skin is the Ion Operator. This skin has a very simple but clean design. What makes this skin cool is the animation after you shoot it; there is a beam that comes out. It’s also priced the same as the other Operators I previously mentioned, at 1775 credits.

Ion Operator

If you have any of these skins in your Night Market, I definitely recommend you buy them.

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