Can’t Log In To Hypixel – Disconnected

Recently, I’ve had troubles joining Hypixel. It all started when I was playing Skyblock, getting all of the materials needed for the Great Spook Equipment. However, my game froze, and I was disconnected. Upon trying to reconnect, I see “Logging in…” and “Joining World…”, and then I would immediately get kicked from Hypixel with the message “Disconnected”.

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This Week in Hypixel Skyblock – October 3 – October 9


Welcome to this week’s Hypixel Skyblock news! This week was quite an eventful one for Hypixel Skyblock. This edition of This Week in Hypixel Skyblock covers important events that happened from October 3 – October 9. While the last event extends past the 9th, we decided to include the entire event in this week’s edition of Hypixel Skyblock news.

Events That Occurred This Week

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