Step 1 of Building Fallen Chrom – FEH

A couple months ago, I had summoned enough to +10 Fallen Chrom. Since Fallen Chrom is a rearmed hero, his skills can be inherited without losing him. Currently in the remix banner, there is CYL! Chrom who has Spd/Def Near Trace 3 and Surge Sparrow which will be really good for Fallen Chrom. Since I saved up 143 orbs I decided to summon for 2 CYL Chrom’s, 1 for my collection and 1 to fodder him.



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Fire Emblem Heroes as of March 2020

Fire Emblem Heroes game is still the most profitable mobile game for Nintendo so far, but the revenue is declining at a fast pace. Intelligent Systems is experimenting with the business model to help with the revenue. They were experimenting with the FEH pass subscriptions last month and they are trying to sell a “forma” unit at about $30 this month. I think they are trying really hard to increase their revenue by adding other stuff on top of their very profitable gacha game. In my opinion, if they are going to add a subscription and buying mechanism, they should get rid of their gacha mechanics. They have to choose either gacha or outright purchase. Don’t try to mix the 2. By mixing the gacha and purchase, it shows how greedy the company is.

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Feh Pass vs. Other subscriptions – Fire Emblem Heroes

Feh Pass has officially launched and from the looks of it, it’s going to be here to stay. On reddit, now, there are more people accepting the pass than opposing it. I’m actually not surprised on how it turned out on reddit. Based on any of the previous surveys, I know that at reddit, there are a lot more people who pay to play Fire Emblem Heroes game than the F2P. The latest survey on reddit indicated more than 2:1 ratio of paying customers than the non-paying customers.

Before we look at how Feh Pass compares to other subscriptions, let’s compare Feh Pass to other deals in the game itself.

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