New Subscription Announcement Ruin Fire Emblem Heroes 3rd Anniversary

Today marks the 3rd anniversary for the Fire Emblem Heroes mobile game. It’s supposed to be a celebration. Most companies typically aim to please the customers and fans of their games and make sure that there’s no backlash. It’s very unfortunate that Intelligent System never learned from their past mistakes and they make another mistake again this time around.

Take a look at Fire Emblem Heroes video on YouTube. There’re more than 2:1 dislike to like ratio. About 70% of viewer dislike the announcement of the 3rd celebration. Why is that? It’s all because of the announcement of the new subscription – FEH pass.

This announcement overshadows all other things that they announced. People are not talking about any gifts from the 3rd anniversary announcements, but complained about the upcoming FEH pass. If you look at Fire Emblem Heroes sub on reddit, you’ll know what I’m talking about. The subreddit exploded with anger, disappointment, etc. It’s all due to the FEH pass.

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Fire Emblem Heroes Has Made $656 Million

Fire Emblem Heroes made the news again. Based on the latest report from SensorTower, Nintendo’s mobile games have generated more than $1 billion since they first release their games on mobile devices. $656 million of those revenue came from Fire Emblem Heroes. Animal Crossing game is at 2nd place with $131 million and Dragalia Lost … Read more

Competitive nature in Fire Emblem Heroes

Even though all game modes in Fire Emblem Heroes is played against AI, this game can be very competitive. Players are ranked against another. Score between players are really tight at the top. A difference of 1 or 2 points may translate to hundreds of ranks between those numbers.

As an example, in tier 21 arena, a player with 3,820 score may have rank of 1,000, that result in staying in tier 21 and get the highest rewards. Another player with a score of 3,818 may have a rank of 1,250, that result in dropping to tier 20 and get a lesser rewards.

Since we know how the ranking system works in Fire Emblem Heroes, actually players can benefit more if players cooperate with each other. By cooperating, more players can be in higher tier and get more rewards.

However, Intelligent System has created a perfect Prisoner’s Dilemma situation in Fire Emblem Heroes. It is impossible to cooperate with other players.

Let’s evaluate.

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Coliseum in Fire Emblem Heroes

As mentioned in previous post, there are some competitive aspects in Fire Emblem Heroes. In some game modes, players’ scores are is ranked against other’s scores. Thus, creating the competitive nature.

Here’re the pros and cons of each of the competitive game mode in Coliseum of Fire Emblem Heroes.

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Summoning Heroes in Fire Emblem Heroes

Fire Emblem Heroes mobile game has been around for quite some time now. We’re almost at it’s 3rd anniversary. It’s my current longest running game. There are many game modes and lots of ways to build any hero. I still enjoy playing the game until now. If I have to pick one thing out of all of Fire Emblem Heroes shortcomings, I’ll have to say that the summoning heroes is the one thing I like the least. In fact, I wish there’s no summoning heroes feature. Unfortunately, I think there’s no way that Intelligent Systems will ever change their gacha model to a purchase model. To me, gacha model is equivalent to gambling. It’s not a good model.

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