Who do I want to win A Hero Rises 2024? – Fire Emblem: Heroes

It’s that time of year again. The voting gauntlet for the A Hero Rises 2024 event has begun!

I’ve been saving my orbs for the past few months after finally completing +10 Askr. I’m currently at 1,000 orbs and expect to be at about 1,200 by the time the actual banner rolls around. I also have maybe another 100ish orbs in the easy and hard levels of the story, and some in the lunatic chain challenge and squad assault maps. I usually do a multi-hour-long chain challenge and squad assault marathon once a year since I don’t usually need the few orbs it gives me for all that trouble and stamina.

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Emblem Marth Summons – FEH

FEH just introduced emblems into the game. Obviously inspired from Fire Emblem Engage, they introduced Emblem Marth. I think emblems bring an interesting change to the game, obviously making certain heroes more powerful. I wanted to summon for him and other heroes on the banner. In this article, I will be going over how many orbs I spent and who I got using the orbs I have saved up over the last couple months.

E! Marth and M! Lumera banner

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