AHR 2023 Red Dream 5-Star Rates – Fire Emblem: Heroes


It’s finally happening! The event that I’ve been looking forward to over this past year. I began saving orbs since about November, and am currently (as of writing this article) at about 1,050. In this article, I’ll talk about my predictions for the Non-Red units that will win in the A Hero Rises (AHR) 2023 event. In case you’d like to see my predictions for the red units, you can find that here.

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Got Harmonic Linde on my Free Summon!

I’ve been quite on the unlucky streak lately. I got no 5-stars on the Christmas or New Years’ Banners, even with all of the free Summon Tickets we received.

In summary, we received:

  • 5 tickets for the Gods Renewed banner
  • 10 tickets for the Double Special Heroes (ω) banner
  • 3 tickets for Shez Legendary Hero banner
  • 3 tickets for last year’s Christmas banner
  • 3 tickets for 2 years’ ago Christmas banner

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