Fire Emblem Heroes: Xander, is he any good?

If feathers is not such a rare commodity in Fire Emblem Heroes game, I would’ve already upgraded all of my heroes. I had to pick and choose which heroes I want to upgrade. Xander is the 3rd hero that I upgraded to 5 stars after Nino and Camus.

This is him with full skill inheritance.



Let’s evaluate whether he’s worth the upgrade.

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Tempest Trials – Resonating Fangs

We’ve been getting lots of things to do in Fire Emblem Heroes lately. This month Tempest Trials edition is Resonating Fangs. It’s a series of battle where we fight enemies for up to 7 stages with up to 4 teams. We can’t reuse any fallen heroes in this battle, but we can use duplicate fallen heroes if we have extra.

Tempest trials difficulty is dropped a bit this time around. As defeated enemies don’t get re-spawned and don’t get their HP restored, it makes it a lot easier to complete the trials than before. However, it’s actually harder and taking longer for me to obtain the rewards. This is because I don’t have the 40% bonus characters. In addition, I am trying to use other heroes to get Hero Merits (for feathers) and SP (for learning skills). The team I used in previous trials already have max Hero Merits and lots more SP than needed.

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Arena – July 4-10, 2017 Season

Today is the end of arena’s previous season and we’ll start a new season at midnight. So, let’s see on how we’re doing so far.

As of this morning, my offense score is 4,770 and my rank is 6,619 which means if my rank holds by the end of the season I’ll move to tier 19 in the next arena season.

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